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Creek Reads!
Summer Reading

Yes, we're open!  The TCMS library will be open from 11 AM to 2 PM on the following dates:

Thursday, June 4

Wednesday, June 17

Wednesday, July 8

Wednesday, July 29

Come in to use the computer and check out summer reading material.

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Sixth grade Starz and Thunderbolts: Choose two books from the suggested summer reading list.  For each book, complete a sixth grade summer reading handout.  Return these handouts to your language arts teacher in the fall!
Seventh grade Atlas and Spartans: Choose two books from the suggested summer reading list.  You will have an assignment when you return to school.
Eighth grade Odyssey and Explorers: Incoming eighth graders are required to read one non-fiction book of their choice over the summer.  This ONLY includes the non-fiction genres of biography, autobiography, self-help, history, religion, or how-to.
Shortly after the school year begins, students will be required to complete a book project explaining how their summer reading book informs and enhances their personal identity.


The Olympians are our gifted and talented cluster students.  Olympians, look here for your specific summer reading assignment!

6th grade Olympian summer reading assignment

7th grade Olympian summer reading assignment

8th grade Olympian summer reading assignment

Remember: Kids are maturing at different rates.  Not every book is appropriate for every child at every age.  When choosing a book, use wisdom--do not read a book that is inappropriate for you or your family.  When choosing and reading a book, talk to your parent/guardian about what you are reading!

From Social Readers: Promoting Reading in the 21st Century by Leslie B. Preddy.  Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.  Copyright 2010.

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