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Creek Reads!
Summer Reading

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Yes, we’re open!

The TCMS library will be open from 11-2 on the following dates, with special activities sponsored by the TCMS Media Center and the Youth Services Center from 12-1.

Snack Attack!

Thursday, May 25
Learn to jazz up common snacks for a healthy treat, like making your own flavored popcorn or a yogurt parfait.  Participants will receive recipes and other fun giveaways!

Beauty and Building

Wednesday, June 14
Stop by to check out summer reading material, have your fingernails painted, and contribute to an awesome Lego creation to be displayed in the library.

Crochet and Coding

Tuesday, July 11
Pick up a few tips about computer coding, or learn to crochet some simple stitches.  We will have experts on hand to help you out!

Titan Bash

Thursday, August 3
Join us to kick off the school year!
This is a chance for you to see our building and meet your new teachers!



To participate in Creek Reads summer reading, click the links below!

Click here for a summary of your assignment.

Use the links below for your reading list, handout, and a copy of the IB MYP Learner Profile.

Select two books from the Kentucky Bluegrass Award nominee list for grades 6-8.

For each book, complete an IB MYP Creek Reads One Pager or submit it online here!

In order to complete your One Pager, you will need to be familiar with the IB MYP Learner Profile.

Click here for the Learner Profile in kid-friendly language!

Turn in your completed assignment when you return to school in August or at one of our library hangout days over the summer.

At the bottom of your One Pager, indicate whether you will attend an after-school discussion group about your book when we return to school.


NEW!!  Submit your assignment (two one-pagers) online!  Click here!


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Remember: Kids are maturing at different rates.  Not every book is appropriate for every child at every age.  When choosing a book, use wisdom--do not read a book that is inappropriate for you or your family.  When choosing and reading a book, talk to your parent/guardian about what you are reading!

From Social Readers: Promoting Reading in the 21st Century by Leslie B. Preddy.  Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.  Copyright 2010.

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