Staff Directory

Adams, Stephanie (Social Studies -- 7th & 8th Grade Olympians)
Anderson, Natalie (Language Arts -- 7th Grade Atlas)
Applegate, Marilee (Language Arts -- 6th Grade Thunderbolts)
Avery, Susan (Para-educator)
Balko, Lisa (Occupational Therapist)
Bastian, Julie (Para-educator)
Beatty-Adams, Anisha (Youth Services Coordinator)
Begley, Gay (Band)
Bolt, Pam (Achievement and Compliance Coach)
Bond, Erica (Special Education -- 6th, 7th & 8th Grades)
Bowkamp, David (Para-educator)
Brady, Mike (SAFE)
Briggs, Ryan (Drama)
Brown, April (Art)
Brown, Gracious (Language Arts -- 8th Grade Odyssey)
Burton, Marla (Math -- 6th Grade Starz)
Calico, Patricia (Library Media Specialist)
Cannon, Jennie (Counselor/Social Worker)
Christ, Angela (Language Arts -- 7th & 8th Grade Olympians)
Ciurlys, Paul (PE & Wellness)
Clark, Melanie (Language Arts -- 6th Grade Starz)
Clay, Phillip (Highly Structured Classroom)
Conger, Marie (Humanities)
Cotten, Alex (Math -- 8th Grade Odyssey)
Davis, Kayla (Math -- 8th Grade Explorers)
Dearing, Stephanie (Helping Custodian)
Diaz, Jose (Helping Custodian)
Donahue, Jonathan (Math -- 6th Grade Thunderbolts)
Evans, Mallory (Special Education -- FMD)
French, Allison (Language Arts -- 6th & 8th Grade Olympians)
Friis, Erica (Language Arts -- 8th Grade Explorers)
Gallutia, Julie (Technology Resource Teacher / STC / Webmaster)
Gentry, Dawn (Associate Band Director)
Gill, Jayme (French)
Gonzalez, April (Science -- 6th Grade & Olympians)
Griffen, Ann Katherine (Special Education -- FMD)
Hall, Adam (Social Studies -- 6th Grade Thunderbolts)
Hamilton, Josh (Chorus)
Herrin, Ken (Helping Custodian)
Hilvers, Sarah (Math -- 7th Grade Atlas)
Howard-Perkins, Sherri (Attendance Clerk)
Hughes, Edward (Computer Applications)
Hughes, Jennifer (Special Education -- 6th Grade Starz)
Hurt, Tommy (Administrative Dean)
Ivanchak, Judy (Secretary)
Jackson, Cydney (School Psychologist)
Jackson, Micah (Language Arts & Social Studies -- 8th Grade Explorers and Odyssey)
Johnson, Danita (Associate Principal)
King, Sara (PE & Wellness)
King, William (Science -- 7th Grade Spartans)
Lane, Brittany (Science -- 8th Grade Explorers)
Lee, Cathy (Speech & Language Pathologist)
Lefevers, Patty (Language Arts -- 7th Grade Spartans)
Leopold, Gregory (Special Education -- 7th Grade Atlas)
Lindsay, Felicia (PASS Coach)
Lindsey, Philnisha (Para-educator)
Livingston, Tesha (Social Studies -- 8th Grade Explorers)
Lockhart, Holly (Special Education -- 8th Grade Odyssey)
Lockhart, Nathan (Science -- 7th Grade Atlas)
Mabson, Tonya (SAFE Assistant)
Mason, Ashlei (Social Studies -- 7th Grade Atlas)
Maxwell, Sarah (ESL)
McDowell, Leigh (Guidance Counselor)
McKnight, Mary Elizabeth (Science -- 6th Grade Thunderbolts)
Meadows, James (Special Education -- 6th Grade Thunderbolts)
Miller, Mary Ann (Cafeteria Manager)
Orr, Lynn (Math -- 6th & 8th Grades)
Parido, Karen (Administrative Assistant II)
Parrish, Tony (Lead Custodian)
Parrott, Bryan (Special Education -- 8th Grade Explorers)
Pfister, Becki (Para-educator)
Predmore, Anna (Social Studies -- 8th Grade Odyssey)
Queen, Carmen (Language Arts & Social Studies -- 6th Grade)
Rangel, Ana (Para-educator)
Rice, Sheryl (Spanish)
Richardson, Jenny (Family & Consumer Sciences)
Riegle, Ann Claire (Arts & Humanities)
Roberts, Janice (Guidance Registrar)
Sanders, Darnetta (Science -- Olympians)
Schadler, Kendra (Math -- 7th Grade Spartans)
Schmidt, Missy (Science -- 7th & 8th Grade Olympians)
Sirginnis, Kelly (Associate Principal)
Smith, Diana (Math Interventionist)
Spragens, Frank (Orchestra)
Thornsbury, Eric (Principal)
Treadway, Kyle (Para-educator)
Turner, Creed (Science & Social Studies -- 6th Grade Olympians)
Turner, Joyce (Guidance Counselor)
VanDemark, Heather (Science -- 8th Grade Odyssey)
Varellas-Wagner, Leslie (Visually Impaired Teacher)
Vogel, Megan (Math -- 8th Grade Olympians)
Webb, Mary (Social Studies -- 7th Grade Spartans)
Webb, Mike (Helping Custodian)
Webster, Mike (PE & Wellness)
White, Katy (Science -- 6th Grade Starz)
Whitehead, Zach (Social Studies -- 6th Grade Starz)
Whitfield, Darryl (AmeriCorps)
Zou, Yanyan (Chinese)

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